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The Miss Pretty Pum Feminine Expo is looking for vendors who have a business that offers services or products to women. No matter what it is, if its business branding services, skin care, spiritual wellbeing, art classes or guided meditation; anything that a woman can benefit from to feed her mind, body and soul, we are looking for you to be apart of this community initiative. Fellas, does your business offer something to women? You are not excluded! Ladies love a strong massage therapist.


The purchase of the vendor ticket is done AFTER you have submitted the vendor application. This is to make sure that all vendors follow the criteria for an feminine uplifting and successful event. 


After the purchase of the vendor ticket, you will receive your unofficial itinerary for the event. It would behoove you to invest in MARKETING AND BRANDING materials for your business. You can go to Staples (with an already completed design) and print for an extremely affordable price. This is important because in the case the vendor area is crowded, persons from afar can have a brief understanding on what your brand haas to offer. Please come prepared, polished and ready to put yourself out there.


Keep in mind, your help with promoting this event will greatly contribute to a great turnout and sales for you. Shoppers support businesses that are aesthetically pleasing. We are going to make sure you have an unforgettable experience and leave the MPP event full of positive thoughts.

MPP Vendor Ticket


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