The Virgin Yoniversal Massage oil is a natural lubricant created to protect and strengthen vaginal tissues while reducing discomfort and irritability. It is armoured to treat chlamydia, vaginitis, cystitis, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and more. The VYMO is a natural aphrodisiac that relaxes the spirit and enhance the mood. Masturbating with this yoni oil allows you to focus and connect with yourself. It's fertility boosting powers are ideal for persons planning to have children in the near future. The warming innerg during intercourse makes the viscosity thick enough to help male semen travel to the egg. When using this product, it is safe to insert a cotton tampon into the bottle and then vagina. When using during intercourse, it is encouraged to masturbate with your partner at least 30 minutes prior to intercourse. If you have experienced previous miscarriages or cyst/tumors, you will need to see other options before using VYMO when planning parenthood.  

Virgin - fertility lubricant