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The Feminine Floral Spritzer is a natually infused rose water created to deodarize and freshen the outer parts of the vagina. This customized rose water is infused with herbs to clean the vulva and reduce odor. The spritzer is great for on-the-go purposes and a handy products for women during their menstrual cycle. This produc has been proven to eliminate yeast due to fluctutating hormones in pregnant women and help heal open wounds, like perineum tears, from after birth. The Feminine Spritzer is apart of the vaginal care products from the FarushaKares natural product line. The spritzer comes in 2 ounce bottles with an atomizer. When purchasing the prenatal or postnatal packages, women are given a 4 ounce bottle. During the bottling process, herbs may transfer into the bottle and its perfectly safe.

Vaginal deodorant


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