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 ANNOUNCEMENT: Processing times have recently been longer than usual. Thank you guys so much for your patience and continued support. Take advantage of 15% off using code "loyalty." Shipping is once a week, either on Tuesday's or Thursday's. Shipping is 2 day priority mail with USPS. 


Handmade herbal cosmetic and wellness products. Custom orders are available upon request. Please email for all inquiries. ​Are you interested in FarushaKares products but have questions about products, visit our FAQ. If you have allerigies to certain herbs, plants, flowers or anything you think Farusha should know, please e-mail and list products you are interested in purchasing.

Return Policy

Under no circumstances are products able for return or resale. Once the creative intentions put into a product arrives into a home and into the space of a customer, it belongs to you. If you have questions about products, please double check with shop manager about products and services.

Terms And Conditions

Customers shop at their own risk. Please be aware that all products consist of plants and oils from the entire botanical. If you are aware of any personal allergens, please contact shop manager for customized products. Do consider that customized products will have a longer production and and shipping time. If you experience any reactions from using products, please immediately discontinue use and drink two bottles of water. If your skin reacts to a certain product mysteriously, please immediately drink green vegetables to calm your body. It is highly unlikely for this to happen and has never happened before but lets collectively work to be safe than sorry.

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