Yoni steam / after birth herbs

Yoni steam / after birth herbs


The Goddess Steam is highly encourages for ALL WOMEN to use. You do not have to have any sickness to steam your vagina. Vaginal care is very important adn effective with femine emotional health.


Benefits of vaginal steaming are listed below:

  • PCOS
  • amenorrhea
  • strengthening the vagina
  • decrease heavy bleeding
  • treat yeast infections
  • cleanse the mind, body and soul
  • great for uterine prolapse
  • heal vaginal scarring
  • dissolve unhealthy mucus
  • enhacne uterine circulation
  • support miscarriages
  • absorp odors
  • treat bacterial infections
  • helps menstrual regulation
  • nourishes vaginal membranes
  • tone uterine muscles
  • clears out womb karma
  • absorps vitamins
  • cleanse blocked fallopian tubes
  • help with PMS
  • heal scar tissue
  • treats menopause
  • great for hot flashes
  • helps with weight loss
  •  treats inflammation
  • heal from hysterectomy
  • helps with dysmennorhea
  • heals womb trauma
  • treats vaginal dryness
  • help shrink fibroids
  • treat bladder infections
  • balance irregular menses
  • benefit perineum support
  • help relief uterine pain
  • warms the womb
  • helps purify the spirit
  • balances emotions
  • balances hormones
  • great for after birth healing
  • helps heal perineum tears
  • heals hemorrhoids (external and internal)



  • Directions

    If you do not know how to do a proper steam, look through products and add "instructions for steaming" to your cart and use discount code, "steaming"for discounteed price.