“Shu Healing” (Respiratory)
• This helps break up mucus in the respiratory tract. Reducing tar build up on lungs and encouraging breathing comfortably with ease. Focusing on healing any infection or disease that respiratory system may be fighting. This tea blend reduces inflammation and relaxes muscles in the respiratory tract. This blends is great for persons with bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma, tonsilitis and pneumonia.


“Prenatal CreatHer” (pregnancy tea)
•Herbal blend great for providing optimal pregnancy health and immunity. This tea promotes strong uterine, healthy placenta, and supplying necessary vitals. 


"Postnatal CreatHer"

  • This tea is a great way to give our body the proper nutrients and vitals for a healthy transition back to normal. This tea give hormone support as well as lactation support.


“I-n-I Detox” tea (Detoxing entire body)
• This tea naturally detoxes the ENTIRE lymphatic system, or PURIFY THE BLOOD for a healthier functioning body. The InI Detox tea can help anyone purge thier body for a greater connection with oneself.


“Godis NTR” (femi9 hormone)
•This tea focuses on balancing hormones and balancing the estrogen levels in the female body. This helps with thyroids issues and blood circulation. Ashwangandha, Damiana, lemon balm and maca root are 4 of the 11 herbs used to encourage a healthy hormones in the female body. This tea is recommended to be taken for women who are planning to have children. Infertility is a hormone issue that is non exist when drinking your Godis NTR tea. Up to 2 cups a day, when you wake up and before bed. Drink at least 4 bottles of spring water.


“King Almighty” (testosterone tea)
•AlmightHE King tea will help men battling erectile dysfunction, build longer stamina and build sperm count.


Kitty Power

  • This blend is great for vaginal reuvenation. This naturally makes women more moist and encourages the entire reproductive system to cleanse itself and rids foreign toxins that done belong while srengthening the womb and vaginal tissues.



Tea Types