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The MYMO is a herbal infusion created for all skin needs. You can view the MYMO as your tylenol for skin. Made with 100% organic herbs, this infusion was created as a convenient go to for mothers. 


incudes but no tlimited to: rosemary, neem seeds, oregano, calendula, tea tree, and sarsaparilla.


the benefits of MYMO:

1. natural spermicide ; use this during intercourse to kill sperm cells on contact. the spermicidal properties last up to 6 hours from application. there's no limit on how many times you can use or how much you use. best not to; the MYMO is not tasty and not created to be edible. use directly on penis head and shaft, while thrusting the oil will move around and become present in vaginal canal. you may apply with fingers but you MUST apply to penis as that is where sperm comes from.

2. great for skin; this is greaat for acne, dark spots and facial skin hydraion. the MYMO naturally balance oil production levels in skin and is has anti-wrinkle properties. it is safe to use the MYMO prior to being in the sun as it can protect skin from burns and heal from from a burn. this oil protects skin from free radicals and environmental toxins that create unhealthy or dis-eased skin.

3. constipation ; if youre baby is experiencing constipation and s having a hard time making a movement, the MYMO can be massaged in anal cavity to make pass through easier and with the help on the lavender and calendula, it will promote an easier movement. this can be used on both mothers and children (family use)

4. boost sexual libido ; this product is a sex oil that naturally enhances pleasure for all sexual parties (homo/hetero) the MYMO is safe and protect anal and vaginal tissues. you could think of the MYMO as a safe condom substitute when used properly (OILY) 

5. Eczema/ yeast ; the MYMO is great for fighting all bodily yeast. not tjust vaginal yeast but yeast on the skin like eczema. you can apply the MYMO on your scalp, face, skin creases where yeast normally builds, legs and more. the MYMO is an awesome fast acting skin relief formula.

6. Burns, scars, bruises, hives & allergic reactions ; the MYMO has been used on insect bites, bruises on legs from simple accidents, chemical burns, and more. Women who have experienced allergic reactions from lace glue have noticed using MYMO soothe skin back to health from pink irritated skin with discoloration to normal pigment and hair regrowth.

7. vaginal dryness ; many women experiences an imbalance in hormones and ahve notice that using the MYMO not only boost sex drive, improve performance but helps with vaginal dryness. Women experiencing menopause, who asked that their messages stay private (coudnt sceenshot), said that using the MYMO gave her a confidence boost. It also allowed her to experience loving herself more. she learned how to love herself differently using the MYMO by massaging her lady. she incorporated this as self care and implemeted different ceremonial activities dedicated to herself and confidence. 


Masturbation is heavily encouraged when using the MYMO. The more sperm cells can smell the neem oil (actice spermicidal ingredients) the faster they die. The MYMO does not permanently kill of sperm cells and will never cause harm to anyone unless allergic to herbs or plants in the botanica. This product was created with loving innergies and made for self care. 


It is impossible for a person who dont love on themselves or know how to love themselves to expect someone to love them correctly. you must FIRST learn how to massage and please yourself before someone else can. Doesnt matter if you have met the partner of your life, you have to teach them how to love you.


Warning: the MYMO is a pregnancy preventor, not a pregnancy eliminator! 


MYMO Body care bottles coming summer 2022

Mature - birth control lubricant


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