The nut based lubricant removes bacteria and fungus on the internal and external parts of the vagina. This product has been used to treat yeast infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, urinary tract infections and Chlamydia. The MYMO is a oil for masturbation that helps increase men/women sexual libido. It's infused with oils like neem to work as an effective birth contraceptive. This oil helps with treat the sumptoms of hemorrhoids when applied frequently. It is anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory product. This is not only natural birth control but your favorite multi-use healing oil. It is great for burns, diaper rash, herpes breakouts and more. To apply the oil, you use clean fingers, rub enough oil on the tips and massage your sensual area. Prior to intercourse, massage both you and your partner; make sure you both are really lubricated to prevent fertilization. Store at room temperature for solid consistency. 

Mature - birth control lubricant